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Side-Power SH160 Hydraulic Thruster with Parker Ultra Motor 8cm3, Max. Thrust 160kg/352lbs, Sealed Gearleg, Twin 5-Bladed Q-Props

 Our latest hydraulic thruster fits in our newest tunnel size (8.5").  The SH160/215T series is a perfect solution for mid-sized yachts (36-62') looking for a hydraulic thruster solution.

Side-Power's SH160 can be installed as a bow or stern thruster, allowing improved control of the vessel.  The five blade Q-Props are designed to maximize thrust from the given tunnel size while reducing noise.  The thruster is typically part of a Side-Power engineered hydraulic system; however, it can be matched to an existing hydraulic system.  

A complete Side-Power engineered system allows full proportional control of the thruster and unlimited run time, all based on the S-Link plug and play system.  Learn more about Side-Power hydraulic thruster systems.  Contact your local Side-Power representative for a system tailored to your needs.



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